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Picture the scene. Thousands upon thousands of fans gathered in one space with hands aloft, screaming along to every word and their body shaking with adrenaline as track after track hits them like a tidal wave.

That feeling, of being wrapped up in a band who seize the euphoric and turn it into something vital and real in front of your eyes, that feeling is what makes a band special. Emblazoned front and centre, it’s what Sea Girls burst and pulse with - a band aiming first and foremost at being the torch-bearing sing-a-long for a whole new generation and a band trading, at its core, in what may seem the simplest of sciences. Turn everything up a notch, write anthems to throw yourselves into and be that soundtrack for the best nights of people’s lives. 

As front man Henry Camamile remembers, it’s a feeling driven from memories past - reimagined and amplified into 2018 and beyond. “The first gig I ever went to was Bloc Party with The Cribs, and I went and was like f**k, I’ve never been to a live show before. Shit, this is so cool that there’s this guy on stage singing that makes me feel like that.  Brandon Flowers from The Killers had a similar effect when I saw him for the first time.  I’d listen to albums over and over and imagine it’s me performing, and when you imagine playing those songs it’s not in a small cafe - you want them to have a huge impact in the biggest rooms possible”.

Now when looking out, Sea Girls are met with the scenes and crowds they were once a part of - and it’s only set to get bigger. “We want to be the biggest band that we can be” states Rory, the band nodding and smiling in unison.  Constantly looking to write the next big sing-along firework, ambition is clear.

When on stage, Sea Girls are a tidal wave unstoppable in its power - Henry a prowling force full of mystery and vision, a captain leading whatever room is in front of him into a new and exciting direction. One ripped of genre and generic flavour. “You’re now competing with everyone, forget being in a guitar bands” notes Henry, “at the end of the day we’re writing music and songs and you want those to impact people and their lives. You’re up against every genre. Lorde, Amy Winehouse, Lana Del Rey are all influences for me - any kind of music can get through to anyone”.

In the space of a year, the name Sea Girls has become something meaningful - a band bonded together as best mates all wrapped and hooked on the joys of being in a band and facing the globe after late nights at each other’s houses with nothing else to do but write and play. Now, with the sort of spilling reaction that follows them everywhere, those days where a band can take on the world and grab a generation by the scruff of the neck are back and blazoned big above Sea Girls’ heads.

The band recently celebrated one year since the release of their debut EP “Call Me Out” by releasing another EP out in to the world. The “Adored” EP was a new collection of songs that saw the band rise well above the chasing pack during their busy 2018 festival season (playing 22 festivals!), and they’ve followed quickly on its heels with huge new track All I Want To Hear You Say, out now. 

Furthermore, Sea Girls were named as one of the BBC’s Sound Of… artists for 2019, further proof that not only is the sky the limit for this incredibly talented young band, but this really is only just the beginning. 

The stars above them and the thousands set in front of them, Sea Girls are dreaming big - now the world is invited to dream big with them. 

They’re bringing something exciting to the table with their refreshing guitar pop sound, crafted into non-stop bangers.
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