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Disco Las Palmeras! Born in 2009 and since their first demo have caught the attention of the public and critics.

In 2011 they released their first album "Nihil obstat" which was immediately topped by critics. Mondosonoro, Rockdelux, Hypersonic, Jenesaispop amongst  other important media showered them with great reviews whilst they headline for some of the best this year and appear on posters for a variety of different festivals.

They also receive splendid international reviews on radio programs and in magazines from Argentina and Mexico, and international blogs such as the blog of "The Guardian" or "All Scandinavian".

In 2013 they released their second album "Ultra", sharpening their sound even more. Once again they are among the best of the year in a variety of different publications and they return to tour the peninsula with great success in a good number of festivals.

The album also receives international recognition, appearing for the first time in lists of the best of the year in South America and is recognized as one of the best albums of the genre for the Japanese on "Shoegazemania".

"Asfixia" released in 2015, in which they release their sound with greater vocal presence, a greater use of synthesizers, cello or even zanfonas has been their most eclectic work and has allowed them  grow even more. His single "Cállate la boca" becomes his most popular song, reaching 150,000 listeners on Spotify.

In 2018 they released their new album, "Cálida", which has been chosen for dozens of lists as one of the best of the year and has led them to play in the best festivals in the country.

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