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FIB Experience: Iratxe



I am not going to keep you long! I'm writing because I wanted to tell you that the first time I went to FIB was in 2008 and I remember that our crew and I were dying to see Hot Chip, Róisín Murphy and Justice and we wanted to see from the inside everything we had been told by those who had been to the festival.



The thing is though, at this time, it was difficult to get there from Pamplona due to distance. But hey, in the end we managed to get there. It was a very long trip but we made it!!!!


Since that year we have been many times and we have had a great time with the line-up of artists and the atmosphere there, and this year we will return, no doubt about it. That's why I am writing to you, because for us, FIB has become a date that if we can, we most definitely go.


This year we are very pleased to see that there are buses that go from Pamplona and other cities. I know that before you had bus services but they were not as extensive then and it is cool to see that now there are more options so that people from other parts of the country can reach Benicàssim easily.


It’s also amazing that you will be putting on parties around the country, and that you will have Midnight for those of us that arrive a few days before, we can go to the beach during the day and dance at night.


It's like when you had parties on Thursdays but now over a few days. I suppose there are many of us who are happy about all these things and more. Well, that's why I'm sending you this email, because I also have to say #VIVAFIB !!!!